// Lola Lago MI FAMILIA Magazine -1999-

MI FAMILIA Magazine -1999-

Making complete works of construction of the office for the company Advertising Media on line, in Madrid.

Company dedicated to the purchase of advertising on the Internet. (200 m2.) My young client wanted an office that would give a functional and avant-garde image as a reflection of an entirely new way activity. As the Budget were low, I established priority to complicated computer facilities and I recycled existing closets in the premises using them as separate elements, and I designed extremely colorful structures and furniture. The graphic artwork painted on natural beech wood, by spanish famous artista Victor Ceprian Cortes, helped to make this space the young, happy and at the same time, strong place, that my client needed. Produced with beech wood, painted-in the oven iron structures, frosted glass and masonry from the chair makerS CASAS AND PUNT MOBLES.
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First service of "democratic interior design" on the Internet to solve distribution of interior space in homes or workplaces. The interior designer Lola Lago has set up the web www.interioresparatodos.com The idea is customers' e-mails the plan of their offices or homes and completes a questionnaire about their needs and objectives. Lago, responds with a partial reform from 90 euros and from 140 euros for a TOTAL reform. The solution is not generic but customized including a detailed report on the reason why her proposals.
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