// Lola Lago “The interior design can also be educational." -2005-

“The interior design can also be educational." -2005-

Making works of interior architecture and furniture design for an office with huge problems due to lack of m2. In this case, Lola Lago tried to create a space where everyone who entered it, feels welcome. To turn m2. into m3. Was her priority, almost doubling the space, even inventing teaching resources applied to the architecture.
Making complete construction work for the company office Amalgama 7 for psychologists working to help teens with behavioural disorders and drugs abuse problems in Barcelona.

Our first goal was that people, both adults and teens, which pierced the front door felt at home, therefore the treatment of furniture, lighting, colour and design must be very thoughtful in order to achieve our objective.

Also the limited space in m2. forced us to adopt unconventional measures. We decided to build a light box on the wall of the gateway that allowed us to illuminate and post photos of the kids in treatment that they wish.
In the walls of the toilets we used a finished ceramic slate that would allow them to write and erase easily. They are an invitation to anyone who wished it, in an anonymous way, expressed freely.

The space devoted to discussions with parents, is raised at two levels and with benches for extra seating capacity on site. I also thought that besides being a meeting place, it is a waiting room and believed it would be a nice idea to surround the word “Amalgama” of words that start or end with the same letter “A” and that people may receive as well as positive thoughts associated with AMALGAMA .
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First service of "democratic interior design" on the Internet to solve distribution of interior space in homes or workplaces. The interior designer Lola Lago has set up the web www.interioresparatodos.com The idea is customers' e-mails the plan of their offices or homes and completes a questionnaire about their needs and objectives. Lago, responds with a partial reform from 90 euros and from 140 euros for a TOTAL reform. The solution is not generic but customized including a detailed report on the reason why her proposals.
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