// Lola Lago “Aesthetic POP for an old Hall." -2007-

“Aesthetic POP for an old Hall." -2007-

Making partial work and furniture design for the restoration of an Entrance hall in a building neighbours. Lola Lago took advantage of an existing ceramic coating from the 70s and designed a furniture-table for the post box.
Making complete works of construction and furniture design of the Portal of Ramblas in Barcelona.

My client needed to rehabilitate his old hall in the Ramblas, in order to rent an office in the building with minimum expenditure. All I could use from the existing premises, was a wall covered with tiles placed in the 70's, therefore, I gave that aesthetics touch to the site. I designed the table-box needed to order and clasify the mail, and basically played with the color.
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First service of "democratic interior design" on the Internet to solve distribution of interior space in homes or workplaces. The interior designer Lola Lago has set up the web www.interioresparatodos.com The idea is customers' e-mails the plan of their offices or homes and completes a questionnaire about their needs and objectives. Lago, responds with a partial reform from 90 euros and from 140 euros for a TOTAL reform. The solution is not generic but customized including a detailed report on the reason why her proposals.
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