// Lola Lago “Welcome to PARADISE." -2001-

“Welcome to PARADISE." -2001-

Making complete works of interior architecture and furniture design of this unique company. Lola Lago designed all the spaces of this unique bar, using humor as one more tool. The rooms are themed and have names of women she pays homage, ironically.
Making complete works of construction and furniture design of the Erotic Bar & Hotel WOMAN in Terrassa.

This project of a bar located in an industrial building (500 m2.) on 2 levels, allows me to adapt an activity as old as the world, to the consideration of a modern society look towards a 21st century. It consists of a ground floor devoted to entertainment and a bar, and a second floor upstairs with 12 themed bed rooms.
I wanted to get fun projecting an easy and funny project and I created continuous allusions, for example, the sidewalk leading into the premises which is 2 large breasts, as well as all the signage, or lighting window built with feeding-bottle nipples, or stair climbing the rooms where there are penises backlit risers that increase in size as you ascend.

Or the bed rooms. As for example Lewinsky bed room decorated like a small American loft where there is a big lips as a sofa, or Marilyn bed room set in the 50's, Cicciolina in an environment of 80's Italian design, Isabel, Susana, Madame, Coco, Zoraida, Naomi, Matahari, names those who allowed me to dignify the protagonists of the world's oldest profession. I used these opportunities to walk about 12 different styles from around the twentieth century and bring the style of the bar to the 21st.
The statue, 6.5 meters high, representing the lower half of a female body, welcomed to the bar and contributes to create the corporate image of this unique place.

Produced with different laminates, ceramic, polyester, acrylics, methacrylate.
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