When I started working as an interior designer's, this profession was new in Spain and was only conceived as an activity to be applied only in public spaces and high standing residences. The materials used were of high quality and high price and the way of making the work, always with the idea that its life would be long.

I belonged to a social class of very low purchasing power and for many years I lived contradictions that did not quite understand.

In the 80's the arrival in Spain of furniture from Italy, designed by the Memphis group, opened my vision of the interior design, into a fantastic world, free and amazing and I asked myself upside down the way of carrying out my professional career. Gradually, I was changing my way of developing both, the functional and aesthetic, as well as social aspects. Also the way of moving forward with my career. Since then, I have not stopped to investigate and to rethink, in each new project, the way of make it more useful, economical and most beautiful, precisely in that order.

For several years, and until well into the 90's, I was working on the design and production of sets for advertising commercials, and that allowed me to give free way to my fantasy at aesthetic level, and reflect about the interior design, reaching conclusions that since then, have given meaning to my work. It has been a personal process that allowed me to eliminate the initial contradictions and enjoy this wonderful job, because I'm sure it improves the quality of life of people.

I set up exhibitions, public spaces, homes, projects delivered through the Internet, conferences, publications in books and international magazines, TV and radio programs. All these things are part of what fills my life and I'm very satisfied of them.

Right now I have clear that, luxury is the space of imagination and the space the luxe; luxe can be expensive or cheap, this will depend on the economic possibilities of each one, but I know I can handle it and use it for the benefit of all people for which they work. No matter they are Rich or not.

I think I have a great future ahead and I look forward to keep on enjoying what I do and making others enjoy as well, because, among other things, the result of the huge experience and passion I feel for this wonderful profession.

lola lago, 2011.

contacto ll@lolalagointeriores.com

First service of "democratic interior design" on the Internet to solve distribution of interior space in homes or workplaces. The interior designer Lola Lago has set up the web www.interioresparatodos.com The idea is customers' e-mails the plan of their offices or homes and completes a questionnaire about their needs and objectives. Lago, responds with a partial reform from 90 euros and from 140 euros for a TOTAL reform. The solution is not generic but customized including a detailed report on the reason why her proposals.
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